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The Nautical Collection, Page 7

14K Gold

A.  Large Fouled Anchor Pendant (full round).  *Large Anchor (not fouled, full round).  Large anchor chain sold separately, see page 8, item F.

B.  Medium Fouled Anchor Pendant (full round).  Medium anchor chain sold separately, see page 8, item G.

C.  Small Fouled Anchor Pendant (full round).  Small anchor chain sold separately, see page 8, item H.

D. Small Anchor Earrings (full round).  *Small Fouled Anchor Earrings (full round).

E. Anchor Earrings on post (full round).

F.  Viking Anchor (modeled after the Viking Oseberg ship anchor).

G.  Danforth Earrings w/ post.  *Danforth Pendant.

H.  Propeller Earrings (left & right rotation).

I.  Small Propeller Pendant.

J.  Medium Propeller Pendant.

K.  Large Propeller Pendant.

L.  Propeller Pendant w/ hidden bail accented w/ diamond edge.

M.  Propeller Pendant w/ hidden bail.

N.  Medium Propeller Pendant (full round).

O.  Large Fouled Anchor Pendant w/ Conch (full round).

P.  Large Ship Wheel Pendant (fully detailed, both sides).

Q.  Medium Ship Wheel Pendant (fully detailed, both sides).

R.  Small Ship Wheel Pendant (fully detailed, both sides).

S.  Small Ship Wheel Earrings w/ post (half round).

T.  Fish Hook Heart Pendant w/ ruby stone (other stones available).  *Fish Hook Heart Pendant w/o ruby stone.

U.  Polynesian Fish Hook.

V.  Small Hook Pendant.

W.  Hook Pendant w/ bezel set ruby.  *Hook Pendant w/o stone.

X.  Large Circle Hook Pendant.

Y.  Bowline Knot Earrings.

Z.  14k Gold Turk's Head Earrings.

AA.  Stringer Pendant.  See page 10, item S for new updated stringer.

BB.  Anchor Link Bracelet 7" with alternating 14k gold and silver links.  Available in any length, price determined by length.

*Item not shown

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