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The Nautical Collection, Page 16

14K Gold

A.  Large Florida Lobster Pendant (full round).

B.  Medium Florida Lobster Pendant (full round).

C.  Sea Horse Pendant w/ diamond strip (full round).

D.  Large Wrap Around Alligator Ring.

E.  Small Wrap Around Alligator Ring.

F.  Alligator Earrings.

G.  Amber Sun Pendant.

H.  Fighting Marlin on Hook Pendant (full round).

I.  Mariner's Cross Pendant in tri-color w/ moving wheel (full round).  *Mariner's Cross Pendant in all yellow gold (full round).

J.  Conch Shell Bracelet.

K.  Kemps Ridley Turtle Bracelet.

L.  Small Topaz Turtle Pendant.

M.  Small Amethyst Turtle Pendant.

N.  Large Kemps Ridley Topaz Turtle Pendant.

O.  Large Loggerhead Turtle Pendant.

P.  Kemps Ridley Turtle Pendant.

Q.  Small Loggerhead turtle Pendant.

R.  Blue Topaz Turtle Ring (also available with Amethyst).

S.  Kemps Ridley Turtle Earrings.

T.  One Reale Cob Coin set in custom bezel with tiny sea turtles.

U.  Crab Pendant w/ frosted shell (full round).

V.  Small Flying Fish Pendant (full round).

W.  Large Flying Fish Pendant (full round).

*Item not shown

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